My son’s collection of paintings

Painting has been my son’s hobby for ages. It has been his full-time job, actually. In fact, when an autistic child draws somthing, you can access his world this way. I have gatheted all his works from the begining, although you see here some of them between the age of 6 and 7.


Although painting is done soley for the enjoyment, but it is a window to his world.


Painting attracts so many people today of all ages. I think most people like the idea of painting somthing of beauty and feeling good about being able to say they painted it.


My son regularely engages in this job, because of his interest in it. Painting is everything for him.


A hobby like painting may at times be a hidden passion of a child. It is a part of his life at an extremely deep vision.


It was difficult to access his works. He often hides them in a closet carefully, and nobody is allowed to see them!


I think his style of drawing things is amazing!

He takes a pencil and draws a picture as fast as possible! He creates the first thing that comes to his mind…You know he is not so patient, but careful about detail.




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