Symptoms of Autism

Zohre Esmaeeli, Aug 2, 2016


Your child may have problems with:

1. speaking by 2 years old
2. joining with other children in playing games
3. enjoying sports
4. fitting in peer groups
5. interacting with other children
6. making eye contact
7. keeping a two-way conversation
8. reading at school
9. taking jokes
10. being polite in social situations
11. understanding rules for games
12. dressing him/herself
13. turn taking in conversations
14. engaging in imagination and role-play in games
Children with Autism may have unusual movements and repetitive behaviors. They repeat words and phrases over and over (echolalia) or do things again in the same way all the time.
Sometimes, children with ASD have unusual memory for detail. They are able to restore lots of things in memory. You may see an autistic child who has memorized a long list of capitals easily!
It is impossible diagnosing the disorder before 2 years old, but language delay can be the first symptom.


The Childhood Autism Spectrum Test or CAST designed by Simon Baron-Cohen