A lovely aspie

Kami sits in front of a fair of his toys arranged in a line and stares at them silently. It has been about 30 minutes…

Kami’s parents know that gazing at toys this way is not a typical of a 8-year old son’ activity. It is a common behavior of autistic children.

“Let’s go to the supermarket,” Kami’s mom says. Kami hurries to the door… confused with people there, he is in sensory overload. The supermarket is noisy with customers waiting for account.


Kami looks like impatient. In fact, sensivity to noise has been always inseparable from his character. Vibrant colors and overwhelming choice can be confusing for adults, imagine how those flashy items must be for him! Such a place is intolerable for him. It can be translated into a screaming, pinching himself or others, running away toward exits, or knocking over displays.


Shopping baskets has been abondoned filled with groceries…she apologized for half-eaten candy bars and they left there as soon as posible. All efforts for a successful trip to the supermarket remained incomplete. Waiting in lines, going to the malls, eating in resturants, even going shopping in groceries are not a part of her rutine.

At home, Kami engages in his homework. Textbook asks this question: Which of these seems rough? Flower, sement, paper? Kami touch the book to indicate the answer. Non of them is rough, so he leaves the answer blank.


Like most autistic children, Kami just notices to literal meaning of a sentense.

Kami’s family goes to visit Grandpa and Grandma. Kami, now 8, rings the doorbell, open the door, and walk in.

” Hi, Kami!” says Grandma. Without any reaction, he goes to the living room and turn on the TV. ” Did you enjoy the shopping?” Grandpa asks. No answer… his grandparents know he is sometimes unaware of environment and prefer to be alone. But the fact is that he doesn’t know how to behave appropriately in social situations. Turn taking seems a puzzle for him and mutual conversations tend to be confusing.


8-year-old Kami is playing footbal. When the ball reaches to him, he hit the ball into the outfield. He continues playing …everyone gets angry. “Hey! What are you doing?” A player shouted angrily…


Apart from all difficulties he has, his parents know playing in a team gives him a chance to be a part of a community and collaborate with others.

Kami is doing math homework. He writes fast, and in less than five minutes he has solved 25 multiplication problems correctly!

Kami is very briliant, but not academically good. His listening and spelling skills are poor.


Homework has been always a battle between most parents and their childrens, but Kami’s trouble is different.

Painting has become his preferred free time choice, and a connection to imagination and creativity. Actually, he has found his voice through painting. His exceptional focus and attention to details have helped him create incredibly beautiful paintings. Then, his parents do not often use the force to doing homework, and allow him to have a long period of time in painting.

It’s bedtime. Kami is so tired…He brushes his teeth and climb into bed.

Now, Kami is asleep. Finally, his handsome face and sturdy body relax, and his mother engages in thinking of what kind of day her child would have tomorrow…